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Sagemaker Notebook from Dev Endpoint


When creating a sagemaker notebook associated to a development endpoint, the notebook fails to start returning an error:

Failure reason Notebook Instance Lifecycle Config 'arn:aws:sagemaker:us-east-1::notebook-instance-lifecycle-config/aws-glue-script-lcconfig' for Notebook Instance 'arn:aws:sagemaker:us-east-1::notebook-instance/aws-glue-script' took longer than 5 minutes. Please check your CloudWatch logs for more details if your Notebook Instance has Internet access.

This is odd as I have been able to create a Sagemaker notebook from dev endpoint in the past. I located this post on AWS Forum, but no response:

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

1 Answer

Hi there,

Could you please check the notebook instance's Cloudwatch logs and let us know if there are any clues as to why the lifecycle config is failing?

This issue might be related to this Knowledge Center article.

answered 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago

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