Rate Limit Timestream Queries For IAM User


Is there a way to place any sort of rate limit on timestream queries?

Right now I have a cloudwatch alert set up for "CumulativeBytesMetered" over a period of time which works fine if im available to see it. Instead, I would like start rejecting queries if a certain quota is reached.

I'm sure i could get something in lambda working to remove permissions from the IAM user or similar, but id rather use a built-in option if it is available.

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I have checked with our Timestream engineer and currently we do not have such quota available to reject queries. The lambda seems to be the way to move forward.

answered a year ago

If you know the limit you want to set at a query level, you could try cancelling the query upon reaching the desired BytesMeteredSoFar limit - example code can be seen here - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/timestream/latest/developerguide/code-samples.run-query.html#code-samples.run-query.query-status

answered a year ago

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