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Hi there,

This could be an Apple problem, but it could also be an AWS problem. I have an alias set up on my WorkMail email address. If I use WorkMail's webmail, I can send from that alias by manually typing the alias address into the From field. Cumbersome, but it works.

In Mac Mail, I have added the alias as an additional email address on the relevant account. This previously also worked fine. "Previously", however, being a long a time ago. It hasn't worked for (possibly) years. I can select the alias when sending, and Mac Mail happily thinks it has sent from that alias. However, looking at the sent items in webmail, the sender address is my primary one, not the alias. And, of course, looking at the email received, it's from the primary address.

I've tried the only basic measure I could think of, to delete the additional email alias in Mac Mail and re-add it, to no avail.

Do you think this issue is WorkMail, or Mac Mail? Or a configuration issue somewhere? Does anyone else have the same issue?

Thanks, Graham

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Hello Robin,

Is there any way to elevate this to the WorkMail team to be fixed?

We're using IMAP for what it's worth. What is Windows Outlook doing different for it to work, that Mac clients cannot do?

We're considering moving away from WorkMail due to the lack of this feature, but we'd really prefer not to.


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Accepted Answer

HI Graham,

I'm sorry to inform you that in this case this is a limitation of AWS WorkMail. Sending from an alias is only supported in Windows Outlook and the WebMail.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 10 months ago

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