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TLD support for in AWS Route 53


We would like to transfer our domain to AWS Route 53 since we have many other domains at Route 53. Can you add support for domains in Route 53?

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Hello there

I understand that you would like to transfer the “ ” domain to Route 53.

See Domains that you can register with Amazon Route 53 [1]. If the top-level domain for the domain that you want to transfer is on the list, you can transfer the domain to Amazon Route 53.

If a TLD is not on the list, you can't currently transfer the domain registration to Route 53. AWS occasionally adds more TLDs to the list, so check back to see if AWS has added support for your domain.

I have observed that in your case, “ ” doesnt seem to be covered here. You can create a Hosted Zone with a .tr TLD, but cannot register or transfer the domain ownership to Amazon Route 53. This means you can point your name servers at your current registrar to Route 53 to manage your DNS.

Please also note that the rules for registration of ccTLDs vary by country. Some countries are unrestricted, meaning that anyone in the world can register, while others have certain restrictions, such as residency. The listing for each ccTLD indicates any restrictions.

Please also note that Route 53 Domains are currently directly accredited with .com, .net, and .org registries. All other TLDs are provided via third party registrar associates.

And to improve AWS level of service and support, AWS is actively working to become directly accredited with all other TLDs. In addition to improving AWS existing offering, AWS will become accredited with other registries to expand existing TLD catalog. This work is currently in progress.

A feature request can be raised with the service team for adding support for "" domains if not yet available.

While I am unable to comment on if/when this feature may get released, I request you to keep an eye on AWS Blogs [4] and what's new on AWS [5] for any new feature announcements.

I hope you find this helpful.







answered 2 months ago

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