How do I remove contacts from a callback queue in Amazon Connect?


I want to remove all contacts in my Amazon Connect contact center's callback queue. How do I do that?

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If you know the ContactId (which you can save via a process of writing the ContactId to a location like DynamoDB) then use this API call

You can then create a process that reads from DynamoDB and stops the contacts. Keep in mind API limits, so build into this back off timers etc.

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  • Pretty sure the StopContact function wont work. When a contact is transferred to a callback queue, a new Contact is created, with an initiationMethod of "Callback". The very first thing on the reference above says the following:

    Ends the specified contact. This call does not work for the following initiation methods: CALLBACK DISCONNECT TRANSFER QUEUE_TRANSFER

    I have been trying to find a way to do this for some time now, due to customers calling back a higher priority line and being answered by agents before they receive their callback.

    I wish AWS would enable a method of stopping a Callback contact, purely to help with wait times being blown out from this specific circumstance

  • Hi Vito! This ability to use the StopContact API for callbacks was released earlier this month. You can now use the StopContact API to remove callbacks from a queue if you have the Contact ID.

  • In order to use the StopContact API to remove a callbacks from the queue, I need to know the contact identifier for the queued callback. How do I get the contact identifier for the queued callback?


There's no way to manually remove specific contacts from a callback queue in Amazon Connect. You can either answer the callback contact, or wait until Amazon Connect removes the contact automatically after 7 to 14 days.

To remove all contacts from a callback queue, you can do any of the following:

Note: These are the only ways you can remove all contacts from a callback queue.

Important: If you choose option 3, keep in mind the following:

Deactivating the callback queue doesn't remove the contacts from the queue. Deactivating the queue only prevents new contacts from being added to the queue.

If you don't change the Set working queue parameter in the associated contact flow to the new queue, then Amazon Connect doesn't create new callback contacts.

Any APIs that use the previous queue's Amazon Resource Name (ARN) must be updated with the new callback queue's ARN. For example: the GetMetricData action.

For more information, see Set up routing in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.

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