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View live stream 404


We have started a live stream to ivs and the stream is pushed success. But when we view the live stream, it shows 404. We check the live channels and there are no live channels. We retry to push the stream and the issue still exists.
The issue appeared from about 5/30, it disappeared on 6/02 and appears 6/03 (CST).
ivs region: us-east-1.
What's possible reason?

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2 Answers

The 404 error indicates that the playback URL is not available, which indicates that the stream is either offline or does not exist ( This can be caused by multiple different reasons, however, the two most likely are that the playback URL is being requested before the stream is available or the stream did not start successfully.

  1. There is a slight delay between when the “Start Stream” button is pressed by the broadcaster and when the content is available for viewing. One potential reason for the error being seen, could be that the playback URL is requested for the channel before the content is available, which will result in a 404 error. To ensure the content is available for playback, please confirm the Amazon EventBridge “Stream Start” event ( is produced before requesting the playback URL. To help reduce the stream-start time, please refer to the following recommended encoder configuration:

  1. While a stream may be started by the broadcaster, if the stream exceeds the channel input limits, the stream will be disconnected by IVS and an Amazon EventBridge limit breach event will be produced ( This would mean that the stream did not successfully start, thus causing a 404 error to be produced as the stream would not be online.

If further investigation is required, please reach out to AWS Support, as then we will be able to look into the specific channel details and what may be causing the 404 error to occur during playback.

answered a year ago

Thanks for your answer.
According to your description, we have found our problem. We really failed to push the live stream. Now we can view it successfully.

answered a year ago

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