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I am trying to connect my GitHub enterprise repository with AWS amplify to deploy a react application on Amplify. Not getting any option ( or solution on the internet) for the same. Can someone help? Steps to Reproduce:

  • Go to Aws amplify dashboard, click on 'New App', click on 'Host Web App'.
  • on "Get started with Amplify Hosting", within "From your existing code", click on "Github".

What is happening:

  • This option loads a login authentication page.

What I am looking for:

  • somehow Can I connect my enterprise GitHub repository URL, instead of plain ''?
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1 Answer

Amplify Console (hosting with CI/CD) only works with public Github today, not Enterprise. If you can script a way to get your React site files into an S3 bucket, you could trigger the build of your application from S3. Here are more details on this approach:

answered 2 years ago
  • I assume the same limitation (not compatible with Enterprise Github) also applies to CodeStar and App Runner, is that so?

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