Restore versions of replicated S3 objects with version ID and timestamp intact


I have replication setup between 2 S3 buckets and in-sync replicated copies of multiple objects between the 2 (Versioning is enabled). I have deleted an object from source site (Site 1) but the replicated version exists in my target bucket (Site 2).

How do I get that replicated object back to the Site 1 with the version ID and last modified date as they are shown in Site 2 bucket? I have that copy so there m

Everything I try fails. Have tried:

  • Replicate from 2 to 1 with tags to limit which files are replicated - fails presumably to prevent chained replications. Sort of expected that.
  • Move or copy: creates a new last modified date and version ID. Did not expect that, especially on move operation.

If the object owner is to believe it is the original version, when you have a copy in site 2, there must be a way to get that object version back to site 1?

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To my understanding it is not possible since PUT-Operation will always create a new version. (

  • Why are you not just deleting the deletemarker on the object in bucket1 to get the specific object-version back? (

  • Is there a reason you need exactly the version you deleted or why not just use the new version generated when you copy the file back from bucket2 to bucket1? That will create a new version on bucket2 as well as on bucket1.

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answered 9 days ago

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