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When I do the query "SELECT * FROM sellers WHERE seller_id = 'x'", the results are returned where the seller_id is equal to 'x', when I do "SELECT * FROM sellers", and try to search the row in Athena using the filter, the row is not there, I have unloaded the data to inspect, and it is not there. Why can Athena return the row when the seller_id is specified, but doesn't for the general query?

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The data is stored in s3, in parquet files, and glue is used to crawl the data to create the schema.

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I'm not 100% certain but I suspect that the filter functionality in the console ("Search rows") only works on the amount of data that was returned to the browser. In your case, it's very unlikely that all 669,462 lines would have been loaded into the UI (to conserve bandwidth, memory and so on). That means that this filter/search only works on the subset of data that is currently loaded into your browsers memory. On the other hand, the SQL statement applies the filter directly to the query and returns only a much smaller subset.

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