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Update DNS attributes for VPC


This page states that I should be able to edit the DNS configuration by going to the Actions drop-down and choosing either Edit DNS hostnames or Edit DNS resolution. Neither of those is available in the dropdown.

I launched the VPC using this guide, except I chose t2.nano as the instance type. The instance launched without DNS support

2 Answers

For a VPC you can edit whether the settings are enabled or not. You just highlight the VPC (mark the checkbox next to it) you want to edit and then go to the actions menu in order to choose edit DNS Hostname or DNS Resolution.

answered 8 months ago

Hi! Good question.

When an instance is lauched into a VPC, it is typically provided with a private DNS hostname. If the instance is configured with a public IPv4 address and the VPC DNS attributes are enabled, it will be provided with a public DNS hostname.

Keep in mind that the format of the private DNS hostname depends on the configuration of the EC2 instance when it is launched.

To change the DNS support provided for the VPC, you can follow along to do the following:

answered 8 months ago

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