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Private image is not encrypted


We have So many alerts for Private image is not encrypted. Please help me to understand can we do encryption for Private images ?

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Hey there!

What is generating the alert that notifies you that you have private images not encrypted, and in what context is it using the word image?

There are a few different things that could be called an "image" in AWS, the first that come to mind are an AWS Elastic Container Registry (AWS ECR) image (so that's a container image) or an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) (that's an image of an EC2 instance).

If your error is to do with AMI images, then you can ensure that the image is encrypted at rest by using an encrypted EBS volume (docs here), alternatively if your error is to do with AWS ECR then your images are already encrypted at rest by default, however you can use custom KMS keys for the encryption.

I hope that helps - if you can provide any more information about where your alerts are coming from or what they are alerting about then please let me know

answered 11 days ago

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