How to select a specific version of the FPGA Developer AMI


How can I select a specific version of FPGA Developer AMI? AWS Console offers only version Ver 1.11.4 for selection. I work with third party tool which is build on top of Vivado and it works fine with Vivado version 2019.2. So I need FPGA Developer AMI version 1.8.x to get Vivado 2019.2. Can anyone advise on how to setup an EC2 instance with a dedicated version of FPGA Developer AMI?

Many thanks for reading.

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In the AMI search results for "fpga developer", the "AWS Marketplace AMIs" tab contains one Centos result (currently Ver 1.11.4 = Vivado 2021.1), and the "Community AMIs" tab contains older and newer versions (I see everything from Vivado 2018.2 to AMI 1.12.1/Vivado 2021.2). Your desired 2019.2 seems to be there, as "Xilinx_Vivado_2019.2_Developer_AMI-1106_2127-4bcc011b-9616-4225-b422-759294a13f0e-ami-02143f070f6b6157a.4", ami-02e843c903e992366.

I have no idea how Amazon selects which AMI goes in the "Marketplace" tab and which go into the "Community AMIs" tab.

answered 6 months ago

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