How large does a file need to be in order to be transitioned to EFS Infrequent Access?


I've got some small files in an AWS EFS Volume. About 4kb each. I have my EFS Lifecycle management set to "Transition into IA: 1 day(s) since last access". However, I'm not noticing any files transitioned to IA. Is there a size limit on files that are transitioned?

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If you read the link provided by @Jose Guay, you notice that sentence.

Files smaller than 128 KB aren't eligible for lifecycle management and are always stored in the file system's standard storage class.

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answered a year ago

Hi there.

I would recommend reviewing your EFS lifecycle policies to determine whether they are configured to transition out the files from IA upon usage. The configuration should say None.

I hope this helps.

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answered a year ago
  • Hey I have it set to transition out of IA after first access, but I have not accessed the files in like 36 hours so should the files still be in IA?

  • Could you verify with CloudTrail whether the there has been any activity related to the files you're monitoring?

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