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AWS Lambda: You do not have sufficient permission. Access denied


We are currently getting this error on the AWS Lambda page: You do not have sufficient permission. Access denied.

This started when AWS opened a case 10 hours ago and which is yet to be fixed. Also, some of the lambda services are down and just throwing internal server errors.

The AWS Support team is not helping at all as this has been going on for 10 hours with no valid solution and they keep on waiting for their internal response team. Our core business system is down and cant do anything because we don't have access to Lambda. Whats the faster way to fix this.

  • Do you have CloudTrail enabled? If so you may be able to see the actual API request being made in the backend that is getting denied.

    Besides that, is it any part of Lambda or a particular page such as a specific Lambda's settings, the functions page, or something similar?

1 Answer

Hi there,

I'm terribly sorry to hear about the frustration here. I've located your cases internally and see that one has been resolved. If you require additional assistance on this topic, please do reach out via your open case so our Support team can review further. Depending on the topic of concern, you can also reopen your resolved case, if needed.

You can see our most recent update here:

— Chrissy B.

answered 3 months ago

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