Restart MWAA environment programmatically



We use custom packages as dependencies of some of our PythonOperators. Therefore, when we update these packages, we'd like to reflect this update when used by a PythonOperator in MWAA.

The current solution today is to "restart" the MWAA in the UI (by simply editing anything in the MWAA environment configuration).

But we wondered if there was any solution in order to trigger this restart of the MWAA env programmatically, so it is possible to integrate this an extra step of a CodePipeline for instance.


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You can call update-environment, either with the new S3 version ID for your new plugins/requirements.txt or with an additional configuration override, such as custom.lastupdate = "<current time>", as part of your CI/CD pipeline that will force MWAA to restart.


answered a year ago

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