Uploaded 5GB folder through web site, it shows a 2GB folder and no error


I've uploaded through the web interface a 5GB folder to WorkDocs. The uploaded folder contains about 2700 subfolders. The reported size is 2GB, consistent with the reported occupied space for user which is also 2GB. It's hard to figure out whether any folder has been skipped in upload since I can't get a count of folders on WorkDocs, loading all folders is very slow, and the folder sort is different than on my computer.

Before you ask, I also tried uploading the folders to S3 and migrating to WorkDocs, which failed without a clear explanation.

So I have no idea how to figure out if folders are missing, if the reported size is correct, or a good way to upload. Worst thing is, I have 13 similar folders to upload.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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You maybe able to validate via AWS CLI get-resources to ensure your source and target are identical. https://awscli.amazonaws.com/v2/documentation/api/latest/reference/workdocs/get-resources.html

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  • Thank you! It looks promising, I will try it out.


Also, i believe transferring the files to S3 and then using the WorkDocs migration utility provides these metrics out of the box. Enter image description here

Checkout the Migration Video that i created for a customer. At around 5:25 mins of this video, the migration workflow completes and it tells you the how many files are updated and how many have failed. https://d1wk4gzilk2198.cloudfront.net/workdocs.mp4

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answered a month ago
  • Thank you for your answer.

    That would be very easy indeed.

    However, I tried migrating from S3 and it keeps failing without any error message. It creates all the folders but now files. The migration report is incomplete - it breaks mid word.

    So something is not quite working, and I have no idea what. If I were to guess I would think it's something about the file / folder names, but I couldn't find a good document describing the limitations of WorkDocs. All the folders uploaded fine to S3 by the way.

  • Sorry to hear that Alex. Perhaps a AWS Support ticket is worth a try? I ve tried Migration utility for Workdocs several times and it has worked for me. Its probably something that Support maybe able to help you with.

  • Thank you.

    I figured it out. The issue was indeed with the file names. I didn't realize that we had a lot of hidden linux file names (starting with a .) and a lot of folders named Thumbnails, plus folder names with ":" in them. I had to write a python tool to list all the offending file names, but finally managed a correct migration - for a smaller bucket for now.


In the past I noticed that when you upload a very large folder (especially if it contains a very large number of files) through the web interface, it takes some seconds/minutes for the total size computation to be consistently updated.

From my experience, you may also want to pay attention to the fact that the web interface is not constrained by path length, whereas Workdocs Drive is. So it may happen that you upload e a very nested hierararchy of folders through the web interface, resulting in not all the files and folders being visible in Workdocs Drive. In that case you have to shorten folder and file names and magically the content shows up in WorkDocs Drive.

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