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Send notification upon SQL failure


Hi all,

I have a stored procedure in aurora MySQL, this stored procedure is called from my aws glue job.

Is there any way to generate a notification if the stored procedure fails?

So i want to be notified if the invoked stored procedure fails


1 Answers

If the failure of your stored procedure leads to failure of Glue job, you can use Amazon EventBridge to detect the Glue job failure and send a notification to one of the available targets.

A sample Amazon EventBridge rule:

  "source": ["aws.glue"],
  "detail-type": ["Glue Job State Change"],
  "detail.state": ["FAILED"],
  "detail.message": [{
    "prefix": "JobName:MyJob and"

If your Glue job result doesn't rely on stored procedure result, you can then use Python AWS SDK to send an email notification.

answered 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
  • This is not working. I need to apply this SNS setup for jobs starting with a specific prefix. There are around 30 jobs, how can I accomplish using this prefix attribute?

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