REST API sent to API Gateway, how to access POST body data (application/json type) from within lambda application?


Placing data in POST body of a rest api request. Looks like below:

{"Email":"", "comment": "message one is here" }

So far so good, can use Postman to hit API Gateway, and use lambda functions to do various things like access comprehend API. Now when I need to access this data to write it somewhere (like dynamoDB), I try like this:

def lambda_handler(event, context): email = event["Email"] comment = event["comment"]

Getting a "key error" in cloudwatch logs from this approach like this:

Field Value @ingestionTime 1594168745270 @log 255070150261:/aws/lambda/Feedback @logStream 2020/07/08/$LATEST616634687067483d9e6f07d95fb20b30 @message ERROR KeyError: 'Email' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/var/task/", line 7, in lambda_handler email = event"Email" @timestamp 1594168736201

In API Gateway I have set up a Model schema like this and required it under Method Execution in the API Gateway resources manager.

{ "type":"object", "properties":{ "Email":{"type":"string"}, "comment":{"type":"string"} }, "title":"Input" }

Anything else to check here?

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If you used Lambda Proxy Integration, you get in the event much more details, and the content is under a "body" field. Best would be to print the event object and then you will be able to see exactly where your data is within the event object.

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