API Gateway integration with DAX


Is there a way to use a service integration from API Gateway (REST) for DAX?

I know we can use a service integration for DynamoDB, but DAX is supposed to be a transparent replacement with respect to the API.

Seems like a big waste to reintroduce a Lambda in between just because I want to add caching, and this goes against the 'Servicefull' best practice.

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I don't think it's going to be possible as DAX is deployed inside a VPC so even if it would be possible to call DAX directly from API gateway, it would be possible only for Private REST API.

If you don't use DAX for anything else, you could still implement the caching at rest Api level instead of using DAX

answered 2 years ago

There isn't a way to achieve this without using a Lambda in between, that too a VPC Lambda which could very well defeat the purpose of using a caching system to reduce data access latencies. Using DynamoDB directly may be a better option here and using APIGW caching if applicable.

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answered 2 years ago

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