EC2 free tier snapshot data limit surpassed.


I have been using the free tier of ec2 recently and have surpassed the 1gb limit of snapshot data but never have in any past months, so I am not totally sure what that means. I did have to remake my ec2 instance because I had lost my key pair and was wondering if in that process, I surpassed my snapshot data limit.

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It's possible you have created an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) which includes a snapshot of the root volume for your EC2 instance. This snapshot may have caused your account to surpass the free tier snapshot limit of 1GB.

You can confirm this by following the steps below to view snapshots you currently own:

If this snapshot/s have been created while an AMI was created, you can correlate the snapshot ID with the root volume by following these steps:

At this point you should be able to determine if there is excessive snapshots and if they are correlated with an AMI. You can then delete any redundant AMI (including snapshot) to reduce the snapshot storage in your account.

We'd appreciate if you'd update this thread with your findings, and hopefully confirmation of the issue being resolved.

Regards, AntAWS

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