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/aws s3 glacier restore status/

aws s3 glacier restore status



IHAC who would like to know the following:

How do I check my Glacier progress? How long does it take to restore from Glacier? How do I restore Amazon Glacier?

Any help is welcome!

4 Answers

I would suggest starting with the Job Operations calls >here<, as that will list what is in flight. A recommended practice is to send an Amazon SNS message when the job is completed.

A more complete discussion around the types (and speeds) of retrieval options is available >here<, please see "Archive Retrieval Options" as the time required / cost for retrieval are tied to the option chosen (expedited, standard, bulk). The how-to restore process is documented at the top of that link.

answered 6 months ago

Hello!! At this time you can expect times from 1 minute to 12 hours on retrieving files. To know how, monitoring and further guidance please visit Have a nice building!

answered 6 months ago

While Amazon Glacier was originally created to provide archive backups with restoration rates in terms of hours, a new product feature was just announced at re:Invent 2021 called Expedited Retrieval. This option allows customers to quickly access data when occasional urgent requests for a subset of archives are required. Pricing has changed so it's important to review cost vs performance with your customer.

answered 6 months ago

Not sure how you issued your restore request. But this is an example of the restore request as an s3 restore-object api followed by a s3 head api which will return the status of the restore request

admin:~/environment $ aws s3api restore-object --bucket 488-data --key one/ --restore-request '{"Days":25,"GlacierJobParameters":{"Tier":"Bulk"}}'
admin:~/environment $ aws s3api head-object --bucket 488-data --key one/
    "AcceptRanges": "bytes",
    "Restore": "ongoing-request=\"true\"",
    "LastModified": "2021-11-17T19:45:16+00:00",
    "ContentLength": 163,
    "ETag": "\"44ba624881ff5096454d7ea257f908ed\"",
    "VersionId": "2_4ikOabmNo.DHUiK37dDGAgOrJdsbgI",
    "ContentType": "application/x-sh",
    "Metadata": {},
    "StorageClass": "DEEP_ARCHIVE"

You can see from this that request is ongoing.

answered 6 months ago

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