cloudfront distribution can't be accessed


I have 2 wordpress site with LSCACHE installed and have configured CloudFront CDN everything works fine for the first week. In the aws account i have 2 distribution which is associated with the wordpress sites. recently, my wp is broken (all of css and image doesn't load) and turns out the cdn is not working because the cloudfront cdn is not responding, cloudfront doesn't return a response . I thought this caused by my network because i'm using public wifi at the moment, but when i check on my phone the site also broken. Then i change to my home network give same result.

cloudfront distribution can't be accessed

what have i done so far :

checking the geographic restriction on aws console : no geographic restriction enabled contacting aws support, turns out the basic account doesn't have access to technical support like this no account restriction or some kind whatsoever, the cloudfront free limit is not yet reached (the distribution is one week old), i have tested 3 different network (mobile data, public wifi & home network, also GTMetrix screenshot also broken the question : how does this happen? is there something wrong with my ISP or is there any restriction of cloudfront that I don't know?

sorry for my bad english, english is not my mother toungue.

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Please check your bill information. I guess you might have payment issue. You can try to open case to customer service support for further assistance.

answered 2 years ago

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