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Is the Start/Stop scheduler using the Lamda function, and CLI or the Scheduler chargeable?


Hi Members I'm using the free Tier'with Elastic IP, and Elastic storage ( I've increased my SSD to 40Gig) and am creating backup snapshots, also at present I'm withing my 750 hours.

I've been looking at setting up the Start / Stop schedule for my EC2 windows instance, I know that my Elastic IP is chargeable in the EC2 instance Server 'Stopped' state, to maintain the static IP address.

What I'm unsure about is that if I setup a Start/Stop schedule creating a Rule and using the Lamda function, is this chargeable and if so how is it charged at?

Again mambers help is very appreciated.

Regards Livio

asked 24 days ago14 views
1 Answer

I think I found the related info, see link below:,for%20your%20code%20to%20execute.

Basically there's one million free requests per month when using AWS Lamda free tier, and 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time per month

answered 24 days ago

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