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Hi there,
Basically, some customers want to use their own domain to access our web application through a subdomain, this will be a kind of "white label" so our customers' clients will not see our domain. This seems to be possible and simple but I am having difficulties.

In the POC I am working on, the domain is hosted in GoDaddy, and there I created a single subdomain for this test, let's say:

In Route53, I created a new "Hosted Zone" for the domain ""
and I also set up a new RecordSet:
Type = A
Value = My Reverse Proxy IP Address

In GoDaddy, using the "Template" tool (My Domains> {Domain Name}> Manage DNS> Manage Templates) I configured this way:
Record Type = CNAME
Name =
Value = ns-???.awsdns-??.com
TTL = 1/2 Hour

Even after searching and trying some settings, my tests only results in TimeOut.

Can someone please guide me if I have forgotten something or if I am doing something wrong?

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I followed this procedure as well. I have a hosted zone on my AWS that is just to use an API gateway for a parent domain hosted on godaddy. I have taken the 4 NS servers and put them in as records with the full subdomain name on the godaddy dns config. However, I am still not getting the traffic routed correctly to my AWS hosted zone. Do I need to add a subdomain and forward it to something in the Godaddy DNS management or just add the 4 NS entries?

I know my AWS side is correct because if I route the enter parent domain by replacing the Nameservers with these 4, it works, bur I lose the ability to route to my parent domain (all non sub).


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  • Did you put the whole fdqn in the godaddy NS record or just the subdomain name?

    Example from above should be like this.
    Record Type = NS Name = beta1 Value = ns-???.awsdns-??.com TTL = 1/2 Hour

    If you did this in Godaddy Record Type = NS Name = Value = ns-???.awsdns-??.com TTL = 1/2 Hour

    The subdomain you are technically delegating name service for is ""



Thank you for reaching out to us! I understand you want to host subdomains on R53 and your parent domain is hosted on GoDaddy.

The procedure you are following is right, expect that you are creating CNAME at go daddy for your subdomain.

To have subdomain delegated to R53, you would need to create a NS record at GoDaddy with the name servers given by R53 hosted zone and not CNAME.

For ex)

Record Type = NS
Name =
Value = ns-???.awsdns-??.com
TTL = 1/2 Hour

Please look at for further information.

Have a nice day! :)

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Same issue, i think it's on godaddy's side. NS with fqdn

answered 3 years ago

And if any of you ever provided the actual domain names you're using other forum members could look at the setup, as seen in the public information on the internet, and possibly give you pointers.

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