VMware HCX between two VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs


I am working with a partner that is having some difficulties setting up a test on-prem vSphere environment where they can test VMware HCX capabilities with VMware Cloud on AWS.

While that is being sorted out internally within their teams, other options to provide such an environment are being considered. Can another VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC be simulated to be an on-prem environment? As HCX is included with VMware Cloud on AWS, can you run a VPN between two VMC SDDCs and use HCX to perform migration?

I understand that the process of setting up HCX in an on-prem vSphere environment is completely different. But I'd still like to know if this is technically possible or not.

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That's correct, you can run HCX from SDDC to SDDC via a VPN connection. The configuration is slightly different as you no longer download the OVF from the target. By simply adding the HCX service on both the source and the target, the HCX components are deployed along with the Network and Compute profiles. Just make sure that the firewall ports for HCX are allowed out of the management gateway then you can go ahead and create the site pairing along with Service Mesh.

answered 4 years ago

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