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/Workmail can not recieve email from specific sender/

Workmail can not recieve email from specific sender


Hello, Workmail can not recieve emails from one specific domain, despite Workmail is able to send emails to that domain. It is not spam folder issue. Nothing appears even under the eventlog. It is like, the email has never sent to us. I tried to disable spam and virus filter under SES portal, and nothing changed. As we check sender's mail server, it says the email has accepted from Workmail. Also, sender is able to send emails to the O365 or Gmail, they have only this problem with this Workmail mailboxes. Do you have any suggestion to troubleshoot? I could not find any other interface to check whats going on.

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems receiving mail from one domain. Disabling spam or virus scanning for WorkMail is not possible, but only if a message contains a virus, message delivery is cancelled.

If you cannot see the message in the WorkMail message logs it means the message was not delivered to WorkMail. You can check the inbound rules in the SES console to see if it has any rules for that domain.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 10 days ago
  • Thank you for your kind response. I have already check SES console inbound rules. There is also a place there for disabling virus and spam scanning.

    We have found the problem is caused by Sender's misconfiguration on WHM Cpanel. Cpanel doesnt detect that we are using remote mail server in auto mode. So after configuring it manually, it resolved.

    Do you know, is there any place for taking packet captures for the traffic that coming through Workmail servers? This is out of problem. Problem is resolved. :)

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