How to replicate REPLICA object to a destination bucket?


Hi, I am trying to replicate objects that where replicated from a different bucket to another new bucket. I know that I can replicate to multiple buckets from one source bucket. But can this be done like a chain relication?

I have done some research and I have only found this AWS documentation However, it does not work.

My Scenario

I have Bucket-1, Bucket-2 and Bucket-3.

Bucket-1 is in a different AWS Account. The others are in the same account but different Regions.

When uploading an object to Bucket-1, it gets replicated to Bucket-2 correctly.

I've created the Replication rule on Bucket-2 to replicate to Bucket-3 and it works for direct uploads to this bucket. However, replicated objects does not get replicated to Bucket-3.

I've followed the steps listed in the linked document, which states to add the following generated policy to the destination Bucket Policy (Bucket-3)

    "Sid": "S3PolicyStmt-DO-NOT-MODIFY",
    "Effect": "Allow",
    "Principal": {
        "AWS": "arn:aws:iam::AWS-ACCOUNT:root"
    "Action": [
    "Resource": [
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Accepted Answer

Replicate objects are not replicated to another bucket. See: What isn't replicated with replication configurations?.

Objects in the source bucket that are replicas that were created by another replication rule. For example, suppose you configure replication where bucket A is the source and bucket B is the destination. Now suppose that you add another replication configuration where bucket B is the source and bucket C is the destination. In this case, objects in bucket B that are replicas of objects in bucket A are not replicated to bucket C.

To replicate objects that are replicas, use Batch Replication. Learn more about configuring Batch Replication at Replicate existing objects.
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