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Please support .build domains in Route53


I would like to transfer my .build domain to Route53 but that is not in the supported list.

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1 Answer

Hi there,

I understand that you want to transfer .build domain to Route 53 and it is currently not in the supported generic top-level domains of Amazon. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

You can submit a feature request to AWS Support for the .build domain to be supported.

To submit a feature request, open a case with AWS Premium Support and choose technical. You may refer to the following link:

I would also advise you to keep an eye on what’s new for future releases on this link [1].

I hope this was helpful!

Reference: [1]*all&awsf.whats-new-storage=*all&whats-new-content-all.sort-order=desc&awsf.whats-new-analytics=*all&awsf.whats-new-app-integration=*all&awsf.whats-new-arvr=*all&awsf.whats-new-blockchain=*all&awsf.whats-new-business-applications=*all&awsf.whats-new-cloud-financial-management=*all&awsf.whats-new-compute=*all&awsf.whats-new-containers=*all&awsf.whats-new-customer-enablement=*all&awsf.whats-new-customer%20engagement=*all&awsf.whats-new-database=*all&awsf.whats-new-developer-tools=*all&awsf.whats-new-end-user-computing=*all&awsf.whats-new-mobile=*all&awsf.whats-new-gametech=*all&awsf.whats-new-iot=*all&awsf.whats-new-machine-learning=*all&awsf.whats-new-management-governance=*all&awsf.whats-new-media-services=*all&awsf.whats-new-migration-transfer=*all&awsf.whats-new-networking-content-delivery=*all&awsf.whats-new-quantum-tech=*all&awsf.whats-new-robotics=*all&awsf.whats-new-satellite=*all&awsf.whats-new-security-id-compliance=*all

answered 3 months ago

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