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Hi friends, We need to access executed queries in our redshift serverless. It shows there's the sys_query_history table, but the query_text has a 4000 character limits, longer than that would be truncated. Is there another way for getting full query text in Redshift Serverless?

  • The connection log, user log, and user activity log can be enabled by using the AWS Management Console (parameter-group). I do not know if the same is also possible with serverless redshift. But I guess it should!

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In Redshift Serverless the Cloudwatch logs will capture the full SQL text. You can enable user activity log from the Namespace configuration tab, under the Security and encryption sub-tab.

Once enabled I was able to capture the query text for a dummy query I ran that was 5990 characters in length.

From Cloudwatch you can enable Export data to Amazon S3 and then run queries on the logs itself.

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answered 10 months ago

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