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Hi Team

My sample call scenario is below

Customer calls hotline -> and need need to get the next bus arrival time in mins -> Customer input the bus stop code -> then customer input the bustop code and bus number -> Automatted messge with next arrival time.

Above is my requirement.

External API - (See my postman screenshot)

How can i achive this? Please share some documentation and guidelines to omplete this task.

Kind regards Pragash


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2 Answers

This is very doable. The link you provided didn't work for me so assuming it's a consumable API. Then in a very high level you need the following:

  • Lambda to get to your API.
  • Connect to collect the code and bus number to pass to Lambda.
  • Connect to get information back from Lambda and play that back using SSML.
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answered 5 months ago

Hi Dmacias

I know this is doable, I am expecting more detail implementation stepts to implement it. I know as you mention thats how we need to implement it.

answered 5 months ago

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