Access error when going to S3 console - 403 Forbidden error for all the s3 bucket



Today - without any specific operation which I have made - I got the following error when accessing to the S3 Console at:

Thanks for signing up with Amazon Web Services. Your services may take up to 24 hours to fully activate. If you’re unable to access AWS services after that time, here are a few things you can do to expedite the process:

Make sure you provided all necessary information during signup. Complete your AWS registration. Check your email to see if you have received any requests for additional information. If you have, please respond to those emails with the information requested.

Verify your credit card information is correct. Also, check your credit card activity to see if there’s a $1 authorization (this is not a charge). You may need to contact your card issuer to approve the authorization. If the problem persists, please contact Support:

Furthermore when trying to accessing to any S3 buckets which belong to the same organisation and they were public (Static web sites) we got:

403 Forbidden

Code: AllAccessDisabled

Message: All access to this object has been disabled

RequestId: 4AWKPXHEKK4R23B4

HostId: yP4BnTua4EXv2MjpPpSZip2gIrifx2xZ7ckCkMNGKjFjujJzuMMQUlgKxQi9GXMPEGdjnPrR6G0=

At the moment I cannot see the S3 console, and all the public websites inside that S3 static folder are under 403 Forbidden error. Do you have any advice of what could have been done.


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Please Open a Support ticket in AWS Billing they will help you, It may be related to the Default credit card used for the AWS account

Thank You GK

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answered 2 years ago
  • I have already a support ticket to the AWS Billing, and they said it is not a billing problem, but it is a technical problem. The problem is that we don't understand with problem is at the moment.

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