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Hi all, I cannot find AWS documentation or any information about AWS EC 2 - Instance Estimated Power Consumption IDLE and 100% for the following instances:

r6a.8xlarge x2idn.24xlarge x2idn.32xlarge c6a.large r6i.large r6i.16xlarge x2iedn.24xlarge r6i.2xlarge r6i.4xlarge c6a.xlarge r6i.24xlarge r6a.2xlarge r6i.8xlarge r6a.large u-18tb1.112xlarge x2idn.16xlarge x2iezn.4xlarge x2iedn.32xlarge c6a.2xlarge r6i.12xlarge u-6tb1.112xlarge c6i.large r6i.32xlarge c6i.2xlarge c6i.4xlarge r6a.xlarge c6a.4xlarge c6i.xlarge

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Unfortunately, there are no features to monitor the power consumption of the EC2 instances. However, if your use case is to determine the carbon emissions from your AWS services, there is a free Carbon Footprint Tool available to AWS customers that provides a summary of the carbon emissions for each account.

To access this tool, open the AWS Billing Console and select Cost & Usage Reports in the navigation menu on the left. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the report. The time period can be configured to a monthly total, and you can view the emissions by geography and services. For more details about the Carbon Footprint Tool, please refer to this article [1]. [1]

You might also find this article [2] that discusses carbon emissions in cloud computing useful. [2]

Here is the third party article [3][4] that demonstrate how to obtain the Running Average Power Limit (RAPL) results via model-specific registers (MSR) access, and the RAPL has shown correlation with the power consumption. [3] [4]

However, this shared method only work on bare metal instances. Bare Metal instances are instances that aren't using the Nitro hypervisor. Bare Metal instances provide direct access to physical server hardware. Therefore, they let you run legacy workloads that don't support a virtual environment, license-restricted business-critical applications, or even your own hypervisor, to know more on bare metal instances refer below link: [+] [+]

Also note that, Power utilisation does not affect billing as you only get billed on run time, CPU credits, network utilisation, etc.

Please also be advised that third-party tools falls outside of the scope of AWS support, as we lack the visibility and knowledge to provide proper guidance in these matters. If you decide to proceed to use this option, please test it on a non-production instance beforehand.

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