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I'm making a NodeJS app with the aws-sdk package and SQS. My app needs to run some docker-related commands programmatically on my servers (it's a code running app), and I'm using SQS to slow the requests down. Right now, I am polling SQS at an interval of ~1 second for requests, but I think that this is a bad practice since it is steadily draining my limit.

Is there any API I can use to call a callback when SQS gets a message? Something like:

sqs.setCallback((err, data) => {
   //my code here
}, "onmessagerecieve")

If SQS doesn't have this API, are there any alternatives? Messages should be received in the queue in 1-30 seconds.

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There is no callback method for SQS as its a managed external queue.

You should take a look at enabling long polling on your queue and then that would allow you to run your poller way less frequently than every second. You can find more information here: and in the specific SDK documentation. With this you could poll ~every 15-20 seconds or so and wait for messages to arrive.


  • munns
answered 9 months ago

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