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Is it possible to bill the marketplace customer for batch jobs executed in the seller account ?


I would like to sell a software as a service on AWS marketplace. The server side of my software (there is also a client side installed on customer machine) is supposed to run using aws batch service on my account because I do not want to expose the code to customers. The idea was to create a product based on a small docker container dealing with user registration and other administrative tasks. The batch jobs should be lunched using lambda functions connected to an API gateway. Is it possible to bill a marketplace customer for used resources calling RegisterUsage API from batch jobs in the seller account ?

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Yes, depending on how you've listed your product in AWS Marketplace. In the Seller Guide there's a section on Metering for Usage for SaaS products and it includes several different scenarios and approaches, all using the Metering API.

There's a similar section for Container-based products.

Depending on how you're able to track/detail usage on your side/in your application, you could submit metering data directly or use the Vendor-metered tagging approach.

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answered 2 months ago

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