How to ensure one streamID for a single broadcast?


IN Amazon live team uses IVS for streaming live broadcasts on We also record the broadcasts for displaying them to the users on demand(VOD). Currently, we are seeing 1:n mapping between the broadcast and the streamIDs of the recorded videos on even a minor momentary network issues, i.e, for a single broadcast the recorded video is divided into n chunks while storing in IVS with separate streamID for each chunk. This leads to incomplete VOD generation hence showing incomplete recorded videos to the user on the live page.

How can we ensure that we have 1 stream recording(streamID) for one broadcast?

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Have you configured your channels to merge fragmented streams? Here are the docs for that:

If you have configured this and are still having issues please let me know and we'll dig deeper.

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answered 7 months ago
  • Yes, we have configured merge fragmented streams as "30-second window". Maybe increasing this will help. Also, can we increase the starvation time limit and figure out the starvation limit for the channel?

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