My AWS account has been hacked and none one from support seems to be helpful



Two days ago I got an email from aws saying that someone (an attacker) changed my email account email I received

Of course I don’t have access to that, so I can’t access to my account in any way. From that moment on, I have been calling to support to try to recover my account or even delete it to avoid any possible cost for what the attacker might do in my account. 3 days later and more than 4 calls later (more than 30mins each) the issue is still on going and my account is still under hacker control. Last email from support is that I have to wait another 24h to get a response on my case, without having a guarantee that it will be solved. I’m starting to be worried as well about the bill I might get as the result of the attacker’s actions.

To be honest, I also feel disappointed that in aws which is supposedly very customer obsessed the solution for such an obvious issue is that slow / inefficient, as well, it feels strange that someone can just login into your account and change the email without any confirmation…

What can I do? I starting to feel desperate please I need help

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I think you should first contact your credit card company and explain this situation and ask if you can stop payment to AWS.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Hello t-ohtake! Thanks for answering. I’ve already locked the credit card. But I’m afraid that AWS will keep asking me for that money, as my name is in the billing address :/

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