Certificate is associated with an arn:aws:cloudfront:::xxxxx/xxxx that cannot be found


I am trying to disassociate a certificate from a cloudfront resource that is listed in the certificate manager. However at Cloudfront manager, no such resource comes up and therefore unable to delete the certificate itself. How does one find the resource arn:aws:cloudfront::XXXX:distribution/YYYY, where XXX and YYYY are given under the certificate manager.

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Hey there,

Check the ARN of the 'Associated Resource' in the certificate in ACM - does it match that of the AWS account that you're in? If not, then it's likely that this is a resource created by API GW and owned by the service. GO into API GW and see if you have any global GWs that have an ACM cert associated with them.

If you had API GWs but have recently deleted them, then check out this answer for more on that front.

Hope that helps. If it doesn't, then let us know here.

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answered 2 years ago

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