Reserved Instance (RI) creation - "No Reserved Instances found"


Our current RI is expiring, and trying to create new reservation in US-EAST-1

However the UI is stating : No Reserved Instances found There is no Reserved Instance offering that matches the search criteria you provided. Please adjust your search filters and try searching again.

We have tried all our current Instant Types, plus new, all with the same response.

Is US-EAST-1 out of RI, or have we run into a bug ?

your thoughts pls. Jodi

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It's possible that AWS does not currently have sufficient Reserved Instance capacity available in the US-EAST-1 region for the instance types you're trying to purchase. AWS has a limited amount of Reserved Instance inventory for each instance type in each region, and if that capacity is exhausted, you won't be able to purchase new RIs until more capacity becomes available.

I'd suggest trying to wait 24-48 hours and try again, in case it's a temporary capacity issue.

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answered 2 months ago
  • waiting worked, this morning all instance types were in inventory

    thank you Osvaldo


This does not sound correct. Can you provide more information - such as exactly what you are trying to buy, include:

  1. Instance type
  2. Tennancy
  3. Zonal/non-zonal
answered 2 months ago

thanks for your questions, Max

In US-EAST-1 Examples:

  1. t3.large, Linux, Dedicated, Term Any
  2. t3.large, Linux, Dedicated, Term Any
  3. t4g.large, Linux, Dedicated, Term Any
  4. c5d.2xlarge, Linux, Dedicated, Term Any
  5. c5.2xlarge, Linux, Dedicated, Term Any

All the above report the above report "No Reserved Instances found"

However, in US-EAST-2 I can find all above 5 RI options

does this make sense ? I prefer North Virginia

answered 2 months ago
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reviewed 2 months ago

I had the same problem. No matter which reserved instances I picked, all said "No Reserved Instances found". Then I tried a different browser (Chrome), and suddenly they showed up.

answered a day ago

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