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What are the details for the AWS Transfer Family SFTP server?


What are the details for the AWS Transfer Family SFTP server?

I want to better understand the security of the provided SFTP server.

I can get good information based on the security policy here, but that does not provide all the information I need.

  • Which protocol draft is supported? I am guessing either SFTP v3 or SFTP v4 or something else.
  • Does this SFTP break the moved files into packets and perform a checksum on each packet to ensure transmission file integrity, failing the transmission when one or more packets are fail?
  • Is there documentation specific to the hosted SFTP server and its protocol implementation?
1 Answers
  • The debug output looks like this

    debug1: Remote protocol version 2.0, remote software version AWS_SFTP_1.1
  • Verified by MD5 checksum

    Q: How does the service ensure integrity of uploaded files?
    A: Files uploaded through services are verified by comparing the file’s pre- and post-upload MD5 checksum.

  • No such documentation appears to be publicly available

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answered a month ago

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