Unable to connect my RDS to my workbench


i am unable to connect my RDS to my workbench from one account where as i am able to connect it with my other account. what i tried:

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Hi Tushar,

The issue you're facing with connecting RDS to Workbench could be due to a variety of reasons.

  1. RDS Endpoint & Port: Verify you're using the correct RDS endpoint and port (typically 3306 for MySQL).
  2. IAM Permissions: If using IAM for database authentication, ensure the necessary permissions are granted.
  3. Security Groups: Confirm the associated security group allows inbound traffic on port 3306 from your IP.
  4. Database Credentials: Ensure correct username and password. If uncertain, reset the master password in the RDS console.
  5. NACLs: If using a VPC, check the associated NACLs to ensure traffic is allowed on the necessary ports.
  6. Subnet & VPC: Confirm the RDS is in the correct subnet with proper routes to the internet (if connecting externally).
  7. Public Accessibility: Check if your RDS is set to be publicly accessible if connecting from an external location.
  8. DNS & Network Route: Use tools like nslookup to diagnose potential DNS issues.
  9. Encryption: If RDS is encrypted, ensure MySQL Workbench supports SSL and you have the RDS SSL root certificate.
  10. MySQL Workbench: Verify compatibility with your RDS MySQL version and check connection settings.

Remember to always be cautious when adjusting security or access controls.

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