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Unable to run a Python script using BashOperator


I need to run a Python script using BashOperator. I placed the script in dags folder of the S3 bucket and ran my DAG with BashOperator. It's throwing the error: python3: can't open file '': No such file or directory

Also, I noticed that the Airflow worker runs the command in a temporary script location: say, /tmp/airflowtmpx03mq_qp/run_scriptlolkuw_q. Also this path changes on every DAG run. How can run the script in this scenario? Please help me with the easiest approach possible on Managed Airflow. Thanks

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Anything placed in the S3 folder containing your DAGs will be synced to /usr/local/airflow/dags on the MWAA worker. So, to run a file called "" you would use the bash command "python3 /usr/local/airflow/dags/"


answered a year ago

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