Copy data from EFS to EFS in another AWS account.


Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some guidance on copying EFS data from one AWS account to another AWS account.

From what what I understand from reading other posts, I need to choose the source as NFS and the destination as EFS.

How do I go about referencing the EFS share in the destination location? It won't show in the drop-down list as it resides in another AWS account which makes sense.

Do I need to create a peering connection between the two VPC's? Or is there something else i'm missing?

My agent is activated via a public endpoint if that matters any.

Thanks for any help provided,

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Hi Craig,

VPC peering is not needed in this case.
Given a source account A, and a destination account B, you can:

1- Run an EC2 agent in account A, in the AWS Region where your source EFS resides, in an Availability Zone that has a mount target for your EFS.
2- Activate the agent against account B, in the destination region (if you are using the AWS Management Console, log into account B, and provide the IP of your agent when performing activation).
3- In account B, in the destination region, create a task with a source NFS location, using your agent, and specifying the source EFS address. The destination would be an EFS location.


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  • One question here, Did you set up an endpoint in the destination subnet? If yes how did you make it visible during the agent creation in the source subnet?


It all makes sense now :)

Thank you so much Olga. I was successfully able to replicate my EFS share over to the second account using the advice you posted.

Thank you very much for all your help.

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