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On the Questions tab, it shows "12 / page". If you change to 90 per page, it reloads, reverts to 12 per page. If you click the list view - which looks more or less the same as the cards view, as opposed to a simple, streamlined actual list view - and then click the "next page" button, it reverts to the card view.

Is this the right place to report these bugs? If not, please redirect me accordingly.

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Hi There

You can use the feedback button on the right side of the page or go to this URL:

That said, are you blocking cookies? I was able to replicate this behavior in Firefox by blocking ALL cookies

Enter image description here

When its set to the default setting, the controls work normally

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answered 2 months ago
  • I am using Brave browser. With Brave, the behavior I described above occurs using the default browser settings. I found that setting "Allow All Cookies" (instead of the default, which is "Block cross-site cookies", the behavior still occurs. However, using the "Shields Down" setting fixes the issue. Thanks for helping.

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