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AWS EC2 MacOS Monterey Apple Silicon Initialize Error


Hi, I wanted to create a new MacOS Monterey Apple Silicon Instance (not Intel or x86_64/AMD64) but it always runs into this error message.

Instance launch failed Launch log: Intializing request: Succeded Creating security groups: Succeded Create security group rules Succeeded Launch initiation Failed

AMI ID ami-01a9da8de3d589094 macOS Monterey 12.4 AMI built by Amazon Web Services Architecture: 64-bit (Mac-Arm) Virtual server type (instance type) mac2.metal Family: mac2 8vCPU, 16 GBytes Memory

  • We have the same experience with that AMI (ami-01a9da8de3d589094). The instance state was "Running", but only 1/2 status checks passed (later it changed to 0/2). The instance didn't become reachable. The termination of this broken instance took about 30 min. After the instance was successfully terminated, our dedicated host stays in the Pending state, and we can't use it for another try. If someone looks into this, the instance ID was i-04821eed7f0870b7a, and the dedicated host ID: h-055bf66f353b20893.

  • I did one more try with a new mac2.metal dedicated host and the Big Sur AMI (ami-003e18eed609f3e46). And the experience is the same - Instance state: Running; 1/2 checks passed. After a few minutes "0/2 checks passed" or sometimes "Insufficient data" was reported as the Status check value.

  • So hopefully the final comment from me. I kept the instance running even with the failures. When I checked after half an hour, it was reachable. So now I have the instance finally properly running. I have two pieces of advice for other users - be patient and be patient. And to the AWS experts: try to improve the user experience, please.

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