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Disabling password expiration


Hi everyone,

I have different WorkSpaces set up on different locations but the ones I have in a particular one seem to have a password expiration set up for users so I need to reset it up for them every month.

Does anyone know how can it be disabled? Is this tied to the directory?

Thanks, Laura

3 Answers

The password comes from Active Directory. On the user object in Active Directory Users and Computers, click the checkbox to not let the password expire.

answered 2 months ago


From the notes, I understand that you want to disable the password expiration. Here are steps to follow to achieve that:

[1] Launch an EC2 Windows Instance.

[2] Domain join it to your Directory (This will enable you to login in as an Administrator)

[3] Connect to your instance.

[4] You can now change/reset your password policies.

I have included a link [1] to guide on Supported Policy Settings available to achieve the above mentioned issue.



answered 2 months ago
  • you can load the AD tools into a WorkSpace used by an admin - no need to start an EC2 instance.

answered a month ago

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