unable to connect to GIT from Repository HTTPS


Hi Team, I am not able to connect to GIT using the HTTPS generated GIT crdentials. USer name : Srinivas-at-508466978865 and Password. I have rcetaed a IAM user from my root account and trying to connect to GIT with HTTPS generated credentials. It is not allowing me to connect. Please help

Thanks Srinivas

  • Are you using CodeCommit?

  • can you provide more details about your operation and environment

    are you using github, codecommit or another platform?

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Hi, a few steps I would try are:

  • Verify IAM User Access: Ensure that the IAM user you created has the necessary permissions and access to interact with the Git service you are trying to connect to. Check the IAM user's policies and ensure they have appropriate permissions for Git access.
  • Check HTTPS Git Endpoint: Ensure that you are using the correct HTTPS Git endpoint for the Git service you are trying to connect to. Different Git service providers may have different endpoint URLs. Verify that you are using the appropriate endpoint.
  • Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues: If you are still unable to connect, there may be connectivity issues preventing the connection. Check your network settings, firewall configurations, and ensure that the necessary ports are open for Git communication over HTTPS.

Hope this helps!

answered a year ago

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