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/Elasticsearch delete all my documents?/

Elasticsearch delete all my documents?


On 2/4, it seems that all my searchable documents in Elasticsearch got deleted automatically by itself [1]. Was AWS doing some upgrading/migration at the time that causing it? Is there any ways I could do to recover all the documents?

[1] Link to screenshot

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On a separate note, your immediate course of action should be to restore lost data from the latest available SUCCESSfull automated snapshot. Steps documented here. Note that the automated snapshots are retained for a maximum of 14 days only.

If you're running a single node domain and the node is replaced, you are likely to experience this. Follow Best Practices to reduce such chances.

answered 3 months ago
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  • I restored my snapshot in time and it works now. Thanks a lot!



to understand what happened in your account you could:

  1. check the cloudtrail logs for any Opensearch related activity

  2. Contact support to understand what happened

This is a specific case in which AWS Support should be able to help you, because no general answer may apply and something contextual to your account might be causing the issue.

Your best next steps would be to open a Support case, in case you have not yet a Support subscription, consider to upgrade to Developer Support or Business support depending on the urgency of your case.

Without looking at the internal logs or having more detailed information on the situation it is not possible to provide guidance, sorry.

hope this help

answered 4 months ago

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