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Proper syntax to start-execution with Step Functions in AWS CLI


IS there any syntax documentation for how to run Step Functions with AWS CLI, and specifically for how to start an execution.

I input the ARN, and the json input but keep getting an error that the --input argument is only expecting one argument. I was hoping someone could provide an example of the proper syntax for these parameters.


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Hello, Attaching the link necessary for the same. Please refer the same to check for the syntax and the right options . [1]

Hope this helps !!

Link- -- [1]

answered a month ago
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reviewed a month ago


The correct syntax looks like this:

AWS stepfunctions start-execution --state-machine-arn $ARN  --input "{\"first_name\" : \"test\"}"  

I agree with you that the documentation is misleading/confusing because "input": "{\"first_name\" : \"test\"}" is not a valid JSON.

If your having issues with JSON encoding, jq can help, for example:

AWS stepfunctions start-execution --state-machine-arn $ARN --input "$(echo '{"my_key": "my_value"}' | jq -R . )" 

You can also read the input from a file:

aws stepfunctions start-execution --state-machine-arn $ARN --input "$(jq -R . input.json --raw-output)"

I hope this helps!


Carl Östrand

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answered a month ago

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