Are the snapshot ids for EBS global throughout AWS?


I know that the snapshot ids are unique for a resource, but I'm wondering how far that uniqueness goes. Is it just for that resource, an account, regional, global throughout AWS or something else?

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Snapshots are constrained to the region in which they were created in. However, you can still share your snapshots publicly with all other AWS accounts, or you can share them privately with individual AWS accounts that you specify. To share your snapshot with other AWS accounts you will have to modify the permissions of a snapshot. You can also copy your snapshot to another region or within the same region. The snapshot copy will receive a different id from the original snapshot.

I hope this helps.

answered 2 years ago
  • This was very helpful, thank you! Just to make sure I understand, as long as that snapshot stays within the region it was created, the I’d will remain unique. Correct?

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