I am experiencing monthly charges of $10 on my IAM account, which I am unable to access, and I kindly request assistance in addressing this matter.


I am getting charged $10 every month. without using it As the account was created during my master's program, I currently have access to both the root user and an IAM user. However, I am facing difficulties in identifying the billing source and raising a support ticket using your IAM user. When attempting to contact support, they are requesting access through your IAM user, which is not currently accessible to me. I have offered to provide them with my account number and asked for the removal of credit card details.

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Oh no! You should login to your AWS account as the root user and navigate to the Billing Dashboard found in the top-right. From there you can view your bill found on the left-side. The bill will have line items for the charges that can help you identify the source. From there you can either delete the resources that are charging you or you can close the account to stop charging.

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  • Thank you for your response, Justin! When I log in as the root user, I can view the bill, but the amount being deducted is from an IAM user. However, when I log in as an IAM user, I do not have access to view the bills or the credit card information. It prompts me to provide permissions for access.

  • Hey Ash, bills are always rolled up to an account level. IAM users can not have unique billing information. Your IAM user probably does not have access to view any Billing information because those IAM permissions need to be granted. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/tutorial_billing.html

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